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Nizar Sabour

Born in Lattakia, Syria 1958
Graduate from Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting and Drawing, Damascus, Syria 1981
Doctorate of Philosophy in Sciences of Art, Moscow, Russia 1990
Teaching Commission Member in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University
Professor at the International Private University for Science & Technology, Ghabagheb, Syria

Solo Exhibitions
1976 - Fine Arts Center, Lattakia
1982 - Cultural Center, Lattakia
1991 - AlSayed Art Gallery, Damascus. Imar Gallery, Lattakia
1992 - Bilad al-Sham Gallery, Aleppo
1993 - Damascus Gallery, Damascus
1994 - Ashtar Gallery, Damascus
1995 - Atassi Gallery, Damascus
1997 - AlSayed Art Gallery, Damascus. Imar Gallery, Lattakia. Al Khanji Gallery, Aleppo
1998 - Exhibition (Fallen Body Reproched by Soul) Kuzah Gallery and Atassi Gallery
1999 - Bilad al-Sham Gallery, Aleppo
2000 - Exhibition (Soul Gates) Atassi Gallery, Damascus
2001 - Exhibition (About Love) Imar Gallery, Lattakia
2002 - Exhibition (Life in Ashes) Atassi Gallery, Damascus
2003 - Exhibition (About Damascus) Fateh Muddaress Gallery, Damascus
2005 - Exhibition (Antara our Time) Art House Gallery, Khan Assaad Pasha, Damascus. Exhibition (Life in Ashes) Bilad al-Sham, Aleppo
2007 - Exhibition (Happiness as Possible) Art House, Damascus. Exhibition (Antara our Time) Kalimat Gallery, Aleppo
2008 - Exhibition (Happiness as Possible) Museum of Modern Art, Lattakia. Retrospective Exhibition from 1973 to 2008, Discover Virtual Syria Gallery
2009 - Exhibition (Palmyra's Walls) Tajalliyat Art Gallery, Damascus

Contributions in Joint Exhibitions
1975 - Annual Exhibition of Syrian Artists
1992 - Exhibition (Five Artists From Syria) Wafaa Gallery, Damascus
1995 - First Almahabba Biennale, Lattakia
1999 - Exhibition (Beit Sibaie Artists) Ashtar Gallery, Damascus. Exhibition (Even War have Limits) the Red Cross Headquarters, Damascus
2000 - Exhibition (2000 Assembly) Monte Rosa, Damascus. Exhibition (Humanities) National Museum, Damascus. Exhibition (Chairs Chairs), Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia
2001 - Exhibition (Women and War) the Red Cross Headquarters, Damascus
2006 - Exhibition (Trends) Beit Jabri, Damascus. Exhibition (Aleppo the Capital of Arab Culture) Kalimat Gallery, Aleppo
2007 - Exhibition (Artists in Jableh Archaeological Scene) Jableh
2008 - Teachers Exhibition, Palmyra. Exhibition (Opening Kamel Gallery) Damascus. Exhibition (Commemoration of the Syrian Fine Arts Memory III) Dummar Museum
2009 - Exhibition (Paris-Damascus-Regards Croises), National Museum, Damascus. Exhibition (Paris-Aleppo) Karma Gallery, Aleppo

1993 - Solo Exhibition, Maram Gallery, Beirut
1999 - Exhibition (Syrian Atelier), the UNESCO Palace, Beirut
2003 - Solo Exhibition, Aida Shurfan Gallery and the French Cultural Center, Beirut

1999 - Exhibition (Even Wars Have Limits) the Red Cross Headquarters, Amman
2001 - Exhibition (About Love) Solo Exhibition, Gallery Dar Al-Mashreq, Amman. Exhibition (Women and War) the Red Cross headquarters, Amman
2002 - Exhibition (Modern Art) Jordanian Royal Museum
2008 - Solo Exhibition (Happiness as Possible), Ruaa Gallery, Amman

1994 - Exhibition (Five Syrian Artists) Gallery of Cairo Atelier, Cairo
1996 - Sixth Cairo Biennale, Cairo
1998 - Solo Exhibition, Cairo Atelier Gallery, Cairo
1999 - 2000 Alexandria Biennale, Alexandria

1997 - Solo Exhibition, Arts Center Gallery, Manama
1998 - Exhibition (Beit Sibai Artists) Alfayrouz Gallery, Manama
2010 - Exhibition (Chairs and a Painting) Albareh Gallery

United Arab Emirates
1995 - Second Sharjah Biennale, Sharjah
1997 - Third Sharjah Biennale, Sharjah
1998 - Exhibition (Salutation to Dubai), Dubai Museum, Dubai
1999 - Fourth Sharjah Biennale, Sharjah
2001 - Exhibition (Four Contemporary Syrian Experiments) Green Art Gallery, Dubai
2004 - International Arts Symposium, Emaar, Dubai
2005 - Exhibition (Syrian Cultural Week), Abu Dhabi
2008 - Exhibition (Opening of Quadro Art Gallery), Dubai
2009 - Collective Exhibition, Quadro Art Gallery, Dubai

1992 - Solo Exhibition, Free Studio Gallery, Kuwait
2004 - Solo Exhibition, Ahmad Aledwani Gallery, Kuwait
2010 - Solo Exhibition (Happiness Walls) F.A. Gallery

Saudi Arabia
2006 - Exhibition (Opening Hiwar Art Gallery) Riyadh

2006 - Fourth Mediterranean Biennale, Tunisia

1988 - Exhibition (Young Russians), Manning Gallery, Moscow
1989 - Exhibition (Youth of Socialist Countries), Manning Gallery, Moscow
1990 - Solo Exhibition, Gallery of Central House Artist, Moscow

United States
1992 - Exhibition (Syrian Art Today) Oscar Gallery, Washington
2008 - Collective Exhibition, Fort Hamilton Gallery, New York

2001 - Retrospective Exhibition, Exhibitions Palace Gallery, Leon. Exhibition (Syrian Contemporary Art) Arab World Institute, Paris. Dual Exhibition, Gerard Chomar Gallery, Leon
2008 - Exhibition (Damascus-Paris-Regards Croises), Arab World Institute, Paris
2010 - Solo Exhibition (Palmyra's Icon), Europia Gallery, Paris

2001 - Exhibition (Women and War) the Red Cross Headquarters, Geneva
2002 - Exhibition (Free European Art), Geneva

2004 - Exhibition (Contemporary Arab Art), Frankfurt
2008 - Exhibition (For You and Me) Holbein4 Gallery, Hanover
2009 - Solo Exhibition (News From Syria) Holbein4 Gallery, Hanover

2006 - Fourth Tahran Biennale of Contemporary Art in the Islamic world

2005 - Exhibition (Artist 2005) Istanbul
2006 - Exhibition ( Sham Days) Istanbul

2007 - Exhibition (Syrian Contemporary Art) Athens

2010 - Fourteenth Asiatic Biennale

2010 - Arabic Arts, Shanghai

1995 - First Prize of Painting, First Almahabba Biennale, Lattakia, Syria
1995 - Certificate of Recognition, Second Sharjha Biennale, Sharjah
2004 - First Prize of Painting, International Art Symposium, Dubai
2006 - Prize for the Fourth Tahran Biennale of Contemporary Art in the Islamic world

The Artist Work Founds in:
National Museum and the People's Palace, Syria
National Museum of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
Museum of Bahrain
Sharjah Museum
Kinda Foundation
Emaar Foundation
Museum of Eastern Peoples Arts, Moscow, Russia
Oscar Gallery, Washington
In Private Collections Distributed Around the World